Bonus XP

Between sessions, you can earn bonus experience by adding information to the wiki. There are several things you can do with this experience.

How you can earn it

You earn experience by adding content to the wiki about the world, your characters, and writing up what happened in the session. There are different amounts of XP to earn. These are not stackable though, you just get the highest amount below based on what you did:

  • If you make a change to one of the wiki pages, you will get some XP. This could include adding a page about a place your characters have been, a person they met, or adding in a basic character bio.
  • If you write up some character backstory and add it to the Adventure Log, then you will get more XP. This could include things that have happened to your character in their past (consult DM about any world stuff), or something that happened in a session but from your character’s perspective (e.g. a diary entry)
  • If you write up what happened in a session (based on listening to the audio etc) as a story, then you will get lots of XP.

How you can use it

You can use the XP you earn through wiki editing in two ways:

1. Add it to your current character to help get them closer to levelling up
2. Add it to a “reserve pool”, which can be used on new characters should your current one die

Bonus XP

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