Years in Eilan across the settled world are measured from the most commonly agreed date of creation. This date is known as Formation, and all dates are notarised as “since formation”, e.g. 0SF, 120SF, 4503SF.

A year on Eilan is 360 days long and a year is split into twelve months of 30 days. In Tide, the months are as follows:

  • Winter
    • Month of Wolfhunt
    • Month of Longdark
    • Month of Patience
  • Spring
    • Month of Thaw
    • Month of Pouring
    • Month of Flora
  • Summer
    • Month of Sowing
    • Month of Midsomer
    • Month of Plenty
  • Autumn
    • Month of Harvest
    • Month of Lateharvest
    • Month of Storing

Weeks are six days long (so a month has exactly five weeks, and each date always falls on the same day of the week). The days of the week are named as such:

  • Solsday
  • Duesday
  • Humpday
  • Troyday
  • Floriday
  • Enday

Enday is a day of prayer and rest from work.

Putting these components together, a full date might look like this:
Solsday 7th Midsomer, 3017SF.


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