Tag: Continent


  • Tide

    Tide is a continent in [[Eilan]]. The climate ranges from mild to cold, and it is named Tide because of it's varied and intricate coast-lines. The north of Tide is dominated by the [[Barrier Mountains]], beyond which lies [[Thorne]]. h3. Kingdoms …

  • Rhak

    Rhak is a continent in [[Eilan]]. The climate is hot, with desert regions in the north and more tropical weather in the south. h3. Kingdoms Rhak is comprised of three kingdoms with shaky alliances. Wars are common, though coastal cities prosper …

  • Mydwort

    Mydwort is a continent in [[Eilan]]. The climate is temperate, but not much else is known about the region. Explorers who venture this way speak of giant beasts and vast tribes of nomadic people. Some return with exotic trade goods, while others are never …

  • Thorne

    Thorne is a continent in [[Eilan]]. It's mostly a desolate frozen wasteland, the only known residents being nomadic. Thorne is north of [[Tide]], separated by the [[Barrier Mountains]], and is mostly unmapped.